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Corona Tools GroBot Giveaway

Corona Tools GroBotLast month I did a post about a fun project I did with my daughter during her last week of 2nd grade.  It was so much fun (and educational) that Corona decided it might make for a fun giveaway to our friends and followers throughout our social networks.  It’s a great project that anyone can do, costs you virtually nothing, helps the environment and it might just win you a $200 personalized shopping spree on!

What is a GroBot

A GroBot, is made up of at least 90% recycled materials; bottles, cans, wood, paper, plastic…you name it.  If it can be recycled, you can use it to build your GroBot.  When completed they should be 24” or less, have at least one container to support a plant, and able to stand on its own.  And most importantly, a GroBot requires some creativity so let you imagination run wild on this one.  

Rules for Building Your GroBot

Begin by raiding your recycle bin and cranking up your imagination.  You’ll be surprised how even the simplest recyclables can make a cool GroBot.  Use things like nuts and bolts, hot melt glue, string, etc. to hold everything together.  As long as it meets the definition of a GroBot mentioned above, you are good to go to enter it in the GroBot giveaway.

Entering Your GroBot in the Giveaway on Pinterest

Once you have your GroBot put together, it’s time to share your inner-creativeness and share it with the world.  Just click the button below for the details whether you are on Pinterest or not.


GroBot Giveaway Details
  • You can enter one or more GroBot on the Pinterest board between 7/17 through 8/15/12.
  • The entry with the most repins and comments on 8/16 will win the $200 personalized shopping spree on
  • The $200 includes shipping costs to any continental US address, AK & HI
But don’t put off building your GroBot!  The sooner you post your entry, the more likely you are to get more people to pin or comment on your post and the more likely you are to win!  Feel free to enjoy the project with your kids and teach them a little about recycling along the way (they won’t know they are learning…) or do it yourself just to test your creativity and ingenuity.

Most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to think about how many items we use and recycle each day and our impact on the Earth’s environment. Let’s all find a way to reuse some of the trash we produce and together we can all make a difference, one small GroBot at a time.

What a 2nd Grader Can Teach Us About Sustainable Gardening

Just before the school year ended, my daughter received a fun project from her 2nd Grade teacher.  The assignment was aimed at teaching kids about recycling and how they can be stewards of the environment.  Each student was asked to build a robot made of recycled materials and write a story about their “recyclobot”.Corona Tools Growbot

Meet Tom the Grobot

We stated putting aside all of our bottles, cans and anything else that could have been used to make a recyclobot.  Once we had plenty of items to choose from, I helped my daughter put some of the items together as outlined in the assignment.  It was at that point, my daughter’s 8 year old imagination kicked into overdrive.  She decided she wanted her recyclobot to be a “grobot”.  Okay to be fair, she had just watched the movie Wall-e, but she decided she wanted her recyclobot to be able to grow something inside of it and further challenge her dad! But I liked that she was giving 200% to her assignment so I went with it.

She developed and wrote her story about Tom the Grobot, and I helped put him together.  I thought why not push the envelope and teach her a little bit about sustainability in the garden while I was at it? I thought I would utilize some of the knowledge I impart from our weekly #landscapechat and introduce her to the concept of collecting rain water and proper irrigation techniques.  Tom was not only made of 95% recycled materials (the other 5% were some HotWheels borrowed from my son) but he was designed to harvest rain water and to water the tomato plants he was nurturing.

Corona Tools Growbot Story 2Corona Tools Growbot Story1

The Grobot Story

My daughter came up with an amazing story about Tom the Grobot and Doug the Dumpster.  And when she presented it to her class, both her story and Tom got the biggest round of applause from the classroom.  What impressed me the most was at 8 years old she understands the importance of; recycling, its impact to our landfills, a broad concept of sustainability and turning trash into something that gives back fresh grown food.

I loved what she came up with so much that I decided it would make a great blog post and awesome project to work on with kids this summer.  So start saving those bottles and cans share your creativity with us on Corona Tools Facebook!

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