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Corona Kids Garden AdventuresDo your kids help you keep your garden and landscape from turning into the neighborhood jungle? If so come share it with us on Corona Kids Garden Adventures!  Your CKGA stories will help inspire parents with kids to put down the electronics, get outdoors and experience all the benefits of garden offers, season after season.

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Our goal with CKGA is to be introduced to the joys of gardening, sense of accomplishments, physical and mental benefits that they will pass on to their kids.  Parents and teachers have the most influence on young minds.  If you are a good writer and have an adventure you would like to share with CKGA, consider writing for us! Corona helps garden writers and contributors to continue in your growing success, by providing selected tool packages to help continue your adventures!

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for original (never-before published) articles that help parents have amazing gardening adventures with their kids, anywhere — your own backyard, school gardens, community gardens, public gardens or community support projects.

The activities should be simple, inexpensive and help inspire busy parents to get kids outdoors. The more adventurous, exciting and unique, the better however often the most popular articles are very simple activities any family can do.

To be considered, we need to evaluate your content ideas and writing style.  Please complete form below. If we see a good fit, one of our editors will contact you.